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Configuring NAT (1)

Posted by Luis R. en 2008/04/28

Network Address Translation or NAT was created to represent a large number of private IP addresses for a limited quantity of public IPs; but it’s useful for network migrations and mergers (when two networks have similar IP addressing), server load sharing and to create “virtual hosts”.


  1. To keep the registred addresses
  2. it helps to solve IP overlaps
  3. No need to renumber as the network changes


  1. NAT increases delays
  2. No End-toEnd traces
  3. Some applications don’t support NAT

Below there’s a basic example from Cisco’s Document: Configuring Network Address Translation:Getting Started

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Posted by Luis R. en 2008/04/28

One of my hobbies is Photography, so I have a lot of images to share with you, the thumbnails next to these lines are some of my ‘interesant’ pictures according to Flickr, and next are some photos I like:

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Cisco access-list ACL

Posted by Luis R. en 2008/04/28

If you need assitance configuring ACLs, there’s a technical reference from Cisco.com:http://www.cisco.com/en/US/tech/tk648/tk361/tk821/tsd_technology_support_sub-protocol_home.html

and it includes:

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